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efinitly one to file under the 'what was I on' pile, the information below was only recently uncovered when I was having a once a century clear out of my drawers. They represent the random wanderings of my mind in 1990 when confronted with a long and menial task. This was known as 'waiters made lost' and was used to inform users when certain items were overdue. The only information that was required on the cards that you will see was two dates. Somehow they mutated into a sort of comic strip.

They begin quite generally, develop into a sort of current affairs commentary then go totally off the deep end. You will notice constant references to two real people, as opposed to characters; these are my good friend Dermot who can be seen popping up in the BL Players area) as the other member of the team who did this work and Graham Ramsden who was, kind of, our stooge. He had already left the Library by this time to pursue a career cleaning out nuclear reactors using nothing more than a broom and a pair of bicycle clips. I suppose that it's some sort of wierd obsession that Dermot and I have. To this day, we still speak with fondness of him...

So here we go then. I must point out that my drawing ability has never been very good and I have noticed that there are a number of really bad spelling mistakes.

Kind of explains a lot of this site doesn;t it.

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