My current employer, and only to date if you disregard cutting grass and picking potatoes as serious professions, is The British Library. I started work there in November 1984 which makes it over twenty-three years as I write in December 2007. To be fair I have worked my way through the ranks and am now part of the senior management so it isn't as depressing as it sounds. I go into greater detail here in a page dedicated to that great institution and my concerted efforts to bring it to its knees.

Should you want to know just what working for the British Library does for a normal mind then I suggest that you visit the Library Web site. If you want to know what is does to an already warped mind then have a look at the Insanity link. It's all rather scary really.

Somewhat old now, I have a page dedicated to my Microsoft Certifide Systems Engineer qualification. It's horribly out of date now and I haven't kept it current but then my role is less technical than it was in the past

I am also a Registered Prince2 practitioner which is a bit more relevant to my role within the Library. It's a tough exam to pass as is one of the few remaining old-school three hour written papers. I was fortunate that I took the course away from home and its related destrictions. This meant that the two hours of homework each night could be completed with minimal intrusion. Yes, it's true. As mentioned above, I own (lease?) both and Obviously you are looking at the former, but what appears if you point your browser at Not a lot, really, but this is explained. here.