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ell here is the page dedicated to my other domain. The one with the equally weird name (in case you're wondering it's of German origin and is pronounced exactly as it is spelt, with a hard 'G')

When I was thinking about domains, I knew immediately that I wanted godbluff.com and hadn't considered my name. I was persuaded to register lilgert.com even though I wasn't going to use it. After all, since it was available, I would have been stupid not to have done. Kudos and all that.

Ultimately I intend to use this site for personal web stuff while lilgert.com will be reserved for professional stuff. Since I have no requirement at the moment for the latter, I don't yet have my own company for example, then there is nothing there. It's essentially a piece of forward planning

If you actually go off to lilgert.com then all you find is the Signature Domains free parking area.

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