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suppose that I couldn't have a site and not dedicate a page to the institution that pays me.

So here it is!

To be honest, although I have worked for quite a time at the Library, it has only got interesting during the last five years. Up until that point I languished in a sort of administrative limbo wandering around dusty shelves and cabinets searching out books and microfilm. The last five and a bit have been spent in the computing area, initially dealing only with networking and telecommunications, but more recently in a bit of everything.

Currently I am employed as a Technical Analyst in ISD, ITO, IS. That's Infrastructure Strategy and Development within information Technology Operations within Information Systems! Government organisations, don't you just love them? The roles within the team are largely project based and cover all aspects of infrastructure components. For example, I have just finished a project to replace the LAN at Boston Spa while other projects include Firewall installation and managing the installation of 500 or so new PCs. In between times, I get to play with all sorts of things including web servers and page design.

Great! I install web servers and design pages at work then go home and spend over a hundred hours on this site. And, yes, I do have my own WWW server (IIS4) to test this site on, before you ask.

The Library's Internet presence, is located at www.bl.uk and, in my humble opinion, is quite nicely designed, with he exception of the frames. In fact, I liked the design so much that I mimicked it and indeed stole some of the graphics for an internal e mail page that designed.

The Library's two main physical presences are located at Boston Spa in West Yorkshire and St Pancras, Euston Road, London.

The former is my home and boasts a very unique piece of architecture. There is a huge seven story concrete building with slits for windows stuck right in the middle of the Vale of York. It actually isn't that bad since it is build in somewhat of a hollow. This, however has its draw backs e.g. you haven't lived until you have gone into work and found the computer room under four inches of water.

The latter is that building that our future king hates so much. I have to disagree with him here, since I think that architecturally it is a wonderful building. The reading rooms, far from being a meeting place for the secret police as they have been described, are simply stunning, the vision of space is breathtaking. I recommend anyone who has not ventured in to do so, it's quite enlightening. Oh, and there are all those books as well.

Well, I could go on at length about the Library, but it would get rather boring. There are a slightly more tongue in cheek looks at the Library here and here where a satirical eye is cast over the organisation.

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