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alling this section The British Library Players is a bit of a misnomer since there are actually two linked strands.

The British Library has long had a tradition of an annual a 30-45 minute 'pantomine' performed at Christmas time by staff exclusively for staff. In all honesty, they are not what you would call 'real' pantomimes as described in the section on Sessay Drama Group. They are more accurately described as satirical one act plays that are specifically written for the Library Audience. Now this last point is key. The fact that they are designed for Library staff only tends to guide their format. So, for example they always take as a central theme, some aspect of Library life over the preceding year. Additionally the fact that the audience are all adults then it allows the writers a little bit more leeway with the nature of the content.
The details of all the pantos that I have been involved in are given in three pages 1991-1996, 1997-2001 and 2002-.

The official British Library Players are a group of individuals, who have a background in performing in the annual pantos, who got decided to form a group for competing in one act festivals. The members usually have connections to local amateur dramatic groups, as I do, and fit their time around their other commitments. The group is funded by the British Library Sports and Social Club and has had some quite notable successes.

The details of all productions of the BL Players are given in two different pages split by the type of production. The first page located here has those productions for an adjudicated festival (where you enter to win.) The second page has those other performances just done for fun (and money) and can be accessed here.

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