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epending on the time of year, I am often engaged in the business of entertaining people. I tend to find that the end of the year from September onwards is usually the worst as I am occupied on a number of fronts, normally three. In case you are wondering what I'm talking about and took no notice of the text on the button that got you here, I am talking about Amateur Dramatics.

Since becoming involved with the British Library annual pantomime in 1991, I have moved on to be a member of three other groups who actually perform to member of the public, as opposed to internal British Library staff.

These are.

The British Library Players also contain the details on the annual pantomimes. The More area has some links to other pages that have an AmDram (I really hate that term, but I used it to save me a lot of typing ;-) connection.

Throughout all the pages, I have given details of the productions that I have played a part in and, in the case of Sessay, some much earlier productions. There are lots and lots of photographs accompanied by my personal comments on the productions. Please take note that although the thumbnail pictures on these pages are quite fast loading, the full sized pictures are quite large and may take a while to download.

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