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his page is full of all the stuff that I couldn't find a valid home for within the many headings. At the moment it only contains three entries but I guess that it'll grow eventually whenever I get the time.

The three entries are detailed below.

  • My significant other has recently put some stuff up on the web. At the moment it's pictures of holidays that she and we have been on but will be expanding. It's located at the cryptically names www.abc15.co.uk. Be warned that certain parts of the site are password protected for very valid reasons although access may be granted via an email to the webmistress.
  • Technical contains all the information about the tools used to create these web pages and links to the respective web sites. This alone makes it a valuable stop off point.
  • Home page is not the entry you might think. When I started to work on these pages, I decided that from the beginning I would keep the design simple and concentrate on content. I also decided that I wasn't going to do one of those self promoting web pages that are full of vacuous information and pointless pictures. I suppose that you could argue that there are lots of picture of myself in the drama areas but I feel that these are in a valid context. This button provides a link to the type of home page that I would have created. It's still done using Homesite, but with a little less care than the other pages. No tight coding, no worrying about page loading size and worst of all, absolutely no design sense. It's only saving grace is that it contains pictures of my cats (naturally!)
  • Wedding contains not only a chroncle of my brother's wedding but showcases a brand new look for www.GODBLUFF.com. Strict XHTML and CSS replace the sloppy HTML and tables of this page. It's only taken about six months of agonising over designs and code until I've got something that I'm happy with. Still, enough about technicalities, it was Richard and Fiona's day and there are lots of photographs intwo sizes, reasonable and very big. I hope you enjoy them and that they bring back memories.

Well, that's it for the miscellaneous stuff, If I come up with more stuff that doesn't warrant a full blown section then I'll put it here.

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