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Creating web pages is a very time consuming business. I have to be honest that I must have spent over 100 hours scanning in nearly 150 pictures and writing the text out that explains them. I guess that the actual text content is equivalent to writing a short story. Creating web pages is also a continual process, with new information being added at regular intervals.

Rather than having the dreaded 'under construction' sign accompanied by an hilarious graphic of a guy digging into a mound of earth, I decided to have a work in progress page. This will details all those things that I intend to do in the future and those that I am working on at the present but haven't completed or posted.

The page will also highlight any new content

New content as of 13th December 2007

  • Such a long time since any last update. I've finally got round to doing something and that something is bringing the Call of Cthulhu pages up to the new format as well as adding some information on the latest adventures of the sanity-deficient band of happy travellers.
  • I'm aware that there are lots of other areas that need work doing not just to bring them into line with the new format but to update the content, particularly those related to my career. I will be doing more of this int he near future.

New content as of 21st July 2006

  • Now I know what you're all thinking, four updates in the same year. Could this site be turning into a Blog (God forbid)? Doubt it! Anyhow this has an update to the page on A Midsummer Night's Dream. We were invited to perform at a wedding and duly agreed. New chat and some more pictures of our stunning performance in front of a slightly tiddly audience.
  • I've also updated all the HADDS pages to the new format. Next stop the Sessay Drama stuff.

New content as of 13th July 2006

  • Wow! Three updates in less than two months. That must be some kind of record. Anyway, a number of HADDS people were involved in four performances of the clowns interlude in A Midsummer Night's Dream as part of the village's open gardens day. If you like sunshine, nice gardens and hopeless overacting then it's the place to go!
  • I've also updated all the HADDS pages to the new format. Next stop the Sessay Drama stuff.

New content as of 24th May 2006

  • Wow! Two updates in almost one week. This one was even more overdue than the 2006 HADDS production pages, having taken place in December 2005! The page for Charlie and the Chocolate Library has an obscenely short review, minimal pictures, vague captions and a downloadable MP3 file. The question is why.

New content as of 16th May 2006

  • Almost a year in the making but definitely worth it. It's the whole shooting match on the HADDS spring play entitled Look No Hans. Full of violence, half naked women, obscene moustaches and shower caps, you don't want to miss it!

New content as of 31st May 2005

  • The 2005 HADDS spring play is now a fading memory. The title alone would use up a sizable amount of a capped broadband user's bandwidth allocation so it will go by the name of The Farndale Thing.

New content as of 30th December 2004

  • The 2004 BL staff panto has been and gone and is detailed here as Aleph in Wonderland. I've also converted the whole of that page and it's two previous pantos to the new format

New content as of 15th December 2004

  • Another page in the new style, this time detailing The Tram Track Traegdy, a short melodrama performed by HADDS as part of the Christmas show in Helperby. Marvel at Yours Truly in shorts and a very large moustache as I came to terms with being a second understudy!

New content as of 10th August 2004

  • A swiftish, for me, update to an existing page. My homepage was created as a bit of a joke showing what could be done if I wasn't interested in keeping to a logical approach or bother about loading times. Unfortunately this kind of backfired since when sticking my name into search engines usually brought up this page and so people saw this monstrosity. and probably assumed that there was nothing behind it, thereby missing out on all the nonsense on the rest of the site. I therefore have updated it to the new style as premiered on the 25th July 2004 below. In addition to the new style, there is slightly more commentary.

New content as of 25th July 2004

  • It's been a an awfully long time in its creation but the pages detailing my brother's wedding are rather ground breaking. In addition to loads of pictures of the big day, they also are a new direction for the site. Coded in strict XHTML and CSS, with a new design; it took me months to finally get to one that I was happy with and that displayed properly. Eventually all the site will look like it. But enough of the technical stuff, the page was created for Richard and Fiona and their big day. Loads of exclusive pictures available in medium and large sizes that are suitable for printing.

New content as of 4th June 2004

  • It's taken an awfully long time to come up with something since the last update but it's been worth the wait. Details here of the totally wonderful Tomb With a View as performed by HADDS. Warning, it's a big page with lots of links to pictures and a whole load of chat about the production.

New content as of 28th December 2003

  • The latest British Library panto has been and gone. Here is gathered information and pictures from The Kray's Kristmas Kracka. There's even a couple of sound files to download! Go and look at it now otherwise we'll break your legs.
  • I've updated the HTML of the 2002 panto details on the same page as the above to use the updated javascript for the popup pictures.

New content as of 21st November 2003

  • Added a link in the more information section to my significant other's first web presence. www.abc15.co.uk is the place to go if you would like to see nice pictures of her and our holidays.
  • Well, it's not any new content but something rather important. I've started using Mozilla Firebird and recently discovered that some of my Drama pages didn't display properly. This was due to the use of the "\" character instead of the "/" character. This has now been corrected.

New content as of 15th June 2003

  • A huge update with a very long page on the most recent HADDS production. Loads of chat and accompanying photographs details this great success.
  • Since I'm now more regularly involved with HADDS, I've tidied up their other pages into a more logical order.
  • Behind the scenes I'm now using a better Javascript routine to create the picture popups on the fly. It's based on a script that I saw at Javascript city. When I get the time I'll update the other pages to include this time and space saver.

New content as of 10th May 2003

  • It seems like ages since I put something new up. Some photos have been added to the page dedicated to the 2002 Sessay Drama Group panto The White Cat.

New content as of 17th January 2003

  • Some more photos have been added to the page dedicated to the 2002 British Library panto 0.07% Our Final Offer.

New content as of 31th December 2002

  • Last update of the year brings details of Sessay Drama Group's latest performance The White Cat.

New content as of 28th December 2002

  • It's been a long time coming but eventually there are some updates. First off are details of the most recent Library panto titled 0.07% Our Final Offer. It needed a whole new page it's so good!
  • A single but important picture has been added to my alternative home page.
  • There are a number of behind the scene changes including my first use of cascading style sheets!

New content as of 1st July 2002

  • Another white rabbit update. I've added the pictures and chat for the most recent HADDS production Triple Treat Night

New content as of 1st April 2002

  • April the 1st and an update? It's no joke! More pictures have been added to Sessay Drama Groups production of Beauty and The Beast

New content as of 11th March 2002

New content as of 10th March 2002

  • Finally got around to placing pictures from Sessay Drama Group's 2001 pantomime Beauty and The Beast.
  • Added another page to the HADDS pages on the subject of the latest play that I am in.

New content as of 10th February 2002

  • Even more boring work adding META tags to the site and eventually I've added it to a number of search engines.

New content as of 13th January 2002

  • Lots more boring work tidying up and validating the HTML stuff and preparing for submission to search engines.

New content as of 26th December 2001

  • Lots of boring work tidying up and validating the HTML stuff.

New content as of 19th October 2001

  • The sad effects that working for the British Library can have on an overactive imagination are detailed in all their yellow glory
  • A few pages have been tidied up and some new links added and broken ones removed.

New content as of 17th April 2001

  • A whole page dedicated to the totally fantastic Judge Smith CD Curly's Airships

New content as of 19th January 2001

New content as of 24th September 2000

  • Photographs for the 1999 Wetherby Festival have been added. View them here.
  • A kit list has been added to the Cthulhu section here.

Work in progress

  • Throughout the drama sections, I ask for anyone who has any/better photographs of productions to please get in touch and I'll post them up. After all, those pages are particularly interesting largely because of the evidence.
    This is sort of ongoing.
  • I mention it elsewhere in the text, but it would be a nice idea to place more names to pictures as with the Babes in the Wood cast picture.
    The time required researching and drawing freehand maps mean that this is low priority
  • Of course, there will be updates to the drama sections where new productions are completed.
    These will tend to be toward the end of the year, after the photos have come back.
  • Ultimately there will be a complete redesign of the layout of the pages. Since I subscribe to the content over style philosophy this design was kept clean and simple. It was intended merely as a vehicle to get something up into Cyberspace that didn't look like a dog's breakfast. I already have some ideas and will continue to play with Paint Shop Pro and Homesite
    The design is ongoing, the outcome will be a big bang!
  • I would like to add Javascript to the site where appropriate.
    Priority is time permitting.
  • I will get this page working.
    Some time, but there are important legal things to consider first.

Well, that's a list of what I would like to do to the site in the future. Some may happen, some may not, given time. The only sure thing is that something will happen and it will be disclosed here first

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