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his page is full of all the technical stuff related to the creation of the web site. I suppose that it's not very interesting in itself, but I decided to include it as a sort of recommendation of the products listed. Naturally I would not have spent over a hundred hours working with them if I didn't like them. Which it precisely why you will find no mention of iMacs or Linux.

Allaire web site Allaire Homesite is, in my humble opinion, the best HTML code editor available today. It combines the ease of design features that is seen in Front Page while allowing considerably more control over the actual code. If you want a quick and easy page creation then this is possible while if you want to spend hours/days/weeks/months slaving over code that is also possible. The current version is 4.51 and can be found on Allaire's web site.

JASC web site Paint Shop Pro by JASC is probably the best package for the general web designer. OK, so Photoshop is probably a superior product, but it does cost considerably more. If, like me, all you want to design are some simple buttons and do some straightforward thumbnail creation then Paint Shop Pro is just the job. It is currently at version 7 and can be obtained from JASC's web site.

My web site hosting (see below) is done using IIS servers and I have an NT server running IIS at home for the testing of the pages. It's easy to set up, is free and has access to all the normal features required as well as support for the Microsoft specific stuff such as Front Page Extensions. I don't actually use them for creation or maintenance, but I'm told that they are easy to use. Go here for the Microsoft IIS site.

My web site is hosted by Xenocom who buy their space from Fasthosts. Unlike the majority of people's home pages that come free, it is a paid service. I chose this option since they usually have a better bandwidth due to fewer numbers of subscribers. I also have a large amount of web space available. I also know that they use Microsoft IIS servers, so I can test all pages out on my own setup at home.

The domains that I own were registered by UKREG. They are one of the cheapest and allow all the usual web and email forwarding for domains purchased. They provided a quick and efficient service and are currently free parking my lilgert.com domain until I find interesting business related things to fill it with

We're getting pretty desperate to fill up web space here, but here goes. For the creation and testing of these web pages, I used

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