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This page is full of all those things that would normally appear on someone's first homepage. Not the sort of page that took hours and hours, the 'get something on the web' page. When you want to leave, click on the godbluff icons at the top to return to normality.

So here it is!


Here's a picture of your's truly on the set of 'The Life And Crimes Of William Palmer' complete with scratty old costume and spirit gummed on sideburns.

For a couple of weeks, a production company for Yorkshire Television descended on the village of Helperby to film the above mentioned TV Drama. They dumped twenty tonnes of hardcore on the main street, painted lots of houses in dull colours and made everyone take their aerials down. Those that wanted were hired as extras so throughout the proceedings while the principal actors got all the action, there were a variety of Helperby and environs people mooching around in the background. My only claim to fame was walking accross the street while the main man, played by Keith Allen, walked towards the camera.

Next time that someone tells you that being in the movies is great, don't believe them. It was dull, dull and dull, even for the principals. I forget the number of times we had to walk up the street just because one of the professional actors couldn't get into a carriage! Still it was an experience, I guess.

Unfortunately all the hard work involved came to nothing as the finished product was crap! This is the reason why I didn't sully the main pages with a section devoted to it (and loads more photos.)

North York Moors

One of my favourite places in the country is the North York Moors. Presented here are a couple of photographs taken on one of my many trips there. The one above is the East cliff and Abbey of Whitby seen from the road bridge while the one below is Robin Hood's Bay taken from the trail tht leads to Ravenscar.


Hey, no home page is complete without a picture of the author's cats so here it is. Unfortunately, Churchill, the white nosed one is no longer with us.


Last but not least, a picture of someone very important to me.



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