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icking a domain name is quite a tricky procedure. Naturally you always want to go for your name and I am rather lucky in this respect, Lilgert is not the world's most common name and so lilgert.com (and all other lilgert.whatevers) was available, for a price of course. Now this is fine, but there is to my mind a problem. I want to be able to tell friends and colleagues about the site, in particular those involved with the drama societies. I just didn't feel comfortable with telling people to go to www.lilgert.com, it would feel rather egotistical. To this end, I do have access to my name's site, but intend to use it as a business related site at some point in the future

So that leaves a problem, what to call my personal site? All of the good ones have gone, www.microsoft.com, www.sun.com www.bbc.co.uk, even www.sgl.com (not that I would have used this for the above reason.) So I had to think of something that met the following criteria

  • It had to be catchy
  • It had to be easy to remember
  • It had to be available
  • It had to have a reason that I could fill with a page worth's of explanation

So here it is, and here you are.


It's catchy, I find it very easy to remember and was available. As for the last point, well, I've managed over half a page already and you haven't even found out what it means.

So what does it mean? Well, it doesn't mean anything. It's a made up word; made up for the 1975 Van Der Graaf Generator album of the same name. I guess that I don't really need to answer the next question since the reason that I use the word is that I consider this album to be the finest that I have ever heard. Yet...

It is 37 minutes and 34 seconds of raw power in four slices. From the opening notes of David Jackson's flute through Guy Evans' perfect drumming to the final feather light fingering of Hugh Banton's Organ. The three combine with Peter Hammill songs and voice to bring the four tracks to life.

It also contains my favourite song, Scorched Earth written by Hammill and Jackson. The finale where the track moves from 4/4 to 3/4 to 5/4 time with Jackson, Banton and Evans playing like they're possessed is absolutely amazing. I'm sat listening to it now as I type and I still am in awe of how the hell they make it seem so smooth.

So here we are at www.godbluff.com, and the pages linked here give a few details on the group behind the word.

  • Lyrics: to full appreciate the work then you need to read the lyrics. You can get them here.
  • VdGG: details of the group and the other albums that they released
  • Hammill: the driving force behind the group is still very much active. Find out about him here.
  • More: this isn't meant to be a VdGG or Peter Hammill fan site, just a few personal notes. There are sites around the web that give a more comprehensive coverage and some them are given here.

I hope that you enjoy the quick look through just one of my many musical tastes. Had they been available, I could just as easily had gryphon.com, gong.com or drjohn.com.

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