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ot surprisingly there are a number of sites that have a more comprehensive coverage of all things VdGG and Hammill Listed below is a non exhaustive list of some of them. This is not a definitive list, merely some of those that I visit on occasion.

  • I suppose that the best place to start is with Peter Hammill's two web sites. These are
    • www.peterhammill.com only seems to have a link to buy the latest album online.
    • www.sofasound.com is Hammill's generic term for his work. The site is excellent and has extremely comprehensive coverage of his whole career. It allows the purchase of some of his past album, in particular those from his own record label Fie! and details of his touring schedule which, as always is sadly lacking in the UK department. There are also a full set of lyrics to all songs and the beginnings of recording comments on some albums. Well worth regular visits
  • This site is probably one of the best unofficial sites for VdGG/Hammill stuff. Some great photos from the 70s and the beginnings of reviews of all albums. There's also an online poll to discover just what the favourite albums are. Still Life is winning at the moment.

Not VdGG related, you might want to try the following.

  • This site is a companion to the first of the unofficial VdGG sites above and is dedicated to the folk rock group Gryphon. As with above, this is a great site with a whole bag full of information available, from photos through to lyrics. At last I can sing along to The Devil And The Farmer's Wife!
  • Planetgong contains all those things linked with the Pothead Pixies, Octave Doctors and Zero the Hero and the planet Gong. Of course this is the group that has existed in numerous guises since the late 60s. With an excellent new album Zero 2 Infinity released in 2000, Daevid Allen and crew are back on top form. It also has an online store where you can by a variety of merchandise including the superb glow in the dark Camembert Electrique T-Shirt!
  • The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock is a very comprehensive accumulation of all progressive music. Well worth a visit.
  • Dr John has his site located here. The New Orleans legend has been playing his particular Louisiana style of R&B for over thirty years. It was only a chance encounter with him after my brother had bought a CD from a market stall for peanuts. His 1995 album Television is playing at the moment. The track Witchy Red is excellent (hang on while I listen to it again.)

Ahh, that's better.

Well, you've come to the end of the Godbluff pages, mysteriously ending with details on groups that have nothing to do with the album, still that's what music is like.

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