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here are a good number of places on the web to go it you're interested in amateur theatre. There are a large number of other groups who have web sites and I'm not going to list them here. Hey, that's what Web Ferret is for! Still, you've come here for links and by goodness, you'll get some.

The number of locations on the web for play publishers are rather limited with only a handful available. Some of those that do have an Internet presence actually have partial or even full text available online.

  • The main place within the UK for the acquisition of plays for performance ,or just to read, is Samuel French Ltd. Their Web site is located here. It's a nice site that has a list of all the plays that they publish with details on all of the latest releases.
  • Aran Press are a US based company who publish plays. I only have one play from their organisation and, to be honest I didn't like it that much. Since they publish largely US plays, these tend to not be suitable for UK audiences. They do have a UK distributor but at the present time, their name escapes me.
  • The Dramatists Play Service is also a US based publisher. I have no experience of their plays.
  • The Dramatic Exchange, located here has a large number of plays available for download from their site. I have looked at a few and some of them are rather good, particularly Fur Better Or Worse by Colin Donald. Its collection of plays are from worldwide authors.
  • One of the favourites of the BL players and Sessay Drama Group, is David Tristram. His site is located here.

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