The society got off to a start with a special outdoor production of Blythe Spirit by Noel Coward. Since then the society has settled down into two productions a year cycle. There is a Christmas show designed to get members of the village involved who wouldn't ordinarily get on stage. This is done by having lots of short skits/songs/readings/etc. It also serves as a great fundraiser. The other production is more traditional taking the form so far of a number of one act plays. I tend to avoid the Christmas production since I'm usually busy with other projects although my non-participation in any Sessay pantomimes for the foreseeable future might mean that I have the time.

Since my appearances on the HADDS stage will now be a regular occurance, there will be regular updates to this portion of the site and they will be listed by the year in which they happened. Aside from the aforementioned Coward play, there are three other evening's entertainments to detail.

There have been other productions in other years, but I was not involved in them and have no evidence either photographic or remembered. If anyone reading this has pictures of the other plays then I might think about putting them up here. Please get in touch if you feel that you can help.