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Before continuing, I must state that those of us who indulge in role playing, do not take any of it in the slightest bit seriously. We also play the classic Dungeons and Dragons, but spend more time looking for ways to stiff the other party members than actually playing the game. It is, however, Cthulhu that I am covering here; I'll leave David to do the AD&D pages on his web site. And will then sprinkle salt on all those places where Hell just froze over!

Update July 2002

The Personnel and Plans pages have been updated to reflect six months of adventuring by the remnants of the merry band. Although a number have gone, they have been replaced and augmented by equally dubious characters including an actual real live policeman.

Update November 2007

It's been a while but we are back to Cthulhu again and there have been a number of additions to the cast. The biggest change, however is that they have moved the gaming to the same d20 system that has been used in D&D 3.0 and 3.5. This standardised gameplay and required that existing live and still relatively sane characters had to be converted. This led to discussions on whether a particular individual's skill was valid to transfer over, not o mention making up the rules to go with obsolete spells.

The original Cthulhu was set in the 1920s, as were all of Lovecraft's novels, but a development allowed the rules to be used within a modern day setting. It is this modern day era that my worlds run and my characters operate.

The following pages are available off this one, all concerned with the ongoing trials of an initial group of eight characters. They are outlined below

Just remember, that when you read any of this, it really isn't meant to be taken seriously (unless you're name is Dave, David, Dermot, Ed or Nick ;-)